Cooking Services

* Gourmet Food Manufacturing
* Custom Product Creation
*Create Products Utilising Your Own Recipes
* Have Your Own Branded Products
*Hands on Food Production
*Specialising In Small Runs

Fuchs offers to customers the facility of creating products under your own label to further enhance your business image and increase sales. Many businesses would like to have their own label but without a commercial kitchen and knowledge of the commercial production of products it becomes too hard and time consuming. You may already have a food business (café, restaurant or deli) and want to further expand your brand.

We can create products for you in an approved premise following strict health guidelines ensuring that any product that you may choose to have your own label on has been made with freshness and hygiene in mind by a qualified chef. Produce is purchased personally from wholesale produce markets in regional centres and Sydney to ensure freshness and quality.

Products may be chosen from our current product list or can be created to suit your needs. Your own recipe can be used and done so with the strictest confidence. We understand that some recipes are truly personal and rest assured that it will always stay that way. A confidentiality agreement can be used to put your mind at ease.

All products are finished in glass jars or bottles with plastic or metal lids. We simply do our best to meet your packaging needs. All finished products are delivered with batch numbers and best before date as well as full nutritional panel to meet labeling requirements. Because we only deal with small to medium size food business we can generally produce a wide variety of different shelf stable products e.g.; Jams, Relish, Fruit Pastes, Chutney, Sauces, Olive Oils, Dressings, Caramelised Vinegars and Dukkah’s to name a few. If you have any further questions or would like to arrange an appointment to discuss your business needs, please do not hesitate to contact John 0417041798.